Thankful Thursday ~ Felix’s Flights Across Massachusetts to Access Cancer Care

At Angel Flight NE, we are privileged to support many incredible individuals facing daunting medical challenges. Today, we want to share the inspiring story of Felix from Pittsfield, MA.

Felix’s journey began with a challenging diagnosis of leukemia. The limited cancer care resources in his local area left him uncertain about his treatment options and future. To receive the specialized care he needed, Felix turned to Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, located across Massachusetts in Boston.

The distance and limited transportation options made this journey seem nearly impossible. That’s when Felix reached out to Angel Flight NE for help. Our mission is to bridge the gap between patients and the critical medical care they need, and Felix’s story is a testament to the power of our community and volunteers.

Thanks to our supporters’ generosity and our volunteer pilots’ dedication, Felix could access life-saving treatments at Dana-Farber. Each flight provided Felix with not just transportation, but also hope and the assurance that he is not alone in his fight against leukemia.

Your support makes stories like Felix’s possible. Every donation, no matter the size, helps us ensure that patients can reach the vital care they need. By partnering with Angel Flight NE, you become an essential part of our mission to provide free air transportation to those in need of medical treatment.

Thank you for your continued support. Together, we can make a positive impact on the lives of patients like Felix, offering them a lifeline during their most challenging times.

Join us in making a difference. Your generosity can help transform lives, one flight at a time.

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