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Free Flights for Medical Reasons

If you or a family member are diagnosed with an illness or condition requiring medical care at a distant hospital, Angel Flight is here for you. No matter the number of trips needed; our team supports patients every step of the way through the entire health journey.

Free flights for medical reasons | Angel Flight NE

Angel Flight NE’s extensive network of volunteer pilots provides free flights for medical reasons to patients across the U.S. Our compassionate volunteers donate their time, planes, and fuel to ensure distance is never an obstacle for patients to access medical care.

Through partnerships with commercial aviation partners, JetBlue and Cape Air, we arrange free air transportation when general aviation is not an option. There is never a charge for these services.

Patients and family members turn to AFNE after receiving a life-impacting diagnosis requiring specialized medical care outside their geographic area.

Often, a patient or family is experiencing financial constraints prohibiting them using commercial flights. Other patients have a compromised immune system so flying commercially could further impact their health.

Whether it is one flight or hundreds of flights, the Angel Flight NE team is here to help!  We work with patients, family members, and medical teams. Our volunteers in the air and on the ground and many others join us to ensure that transportation for your healthcare journey is made possible and you can focus on what is important – Getting Well!

We also partner with national & international organizations who are focused on particular diseases and/or diagnosis.  Our goal is to ensure that distance is never an obstacle for patients and families to access the care they need and deserve.

Distance should never be a barrier for patients requiring specialized medical treatment or diagnosis.

Take a moment to read about the patients & families we have helped and how we can help you or someone you love travel long distance for the care and treatment of a medical condition.

Ready to request a flight? Please call us at 1-800-549-9980. Be sure to check our Frequently Asked Questions to learn more about flying with Angel Flight NE.

Sharing Patient Stories

and how volunteer pilots fly patients to healthcare facilities across the nation.

Helping Patients With Medical Transportation.

Angel Flight NE’s mission coordinators are available 24 X 7 to assist you with flight coordination to medical care that is not readily available to you, either due to your geographic location or financial constraints. They are there for you as long and as often as you need our assistance.

A Flight

Patients Must Be Ambulatory

Patients must be medically stable and able to board and exit a plane with little to no assistance.

Patient Documentation

We require that each passenger complete a liability release form prior to each flight. Our flight coordinator can explain the documents. Your pilot will also have the form available.

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