Pilot Volunteers

Giving Patients Hope Through Free Flights

Our volunteer pilots are at the core of our mission to fly patients to the medical care they so desperately need to survive.

Many patients in rural communities with small airstrips look to Angel Flight NE’s volunteer pilots to transport them to large medical facilities for recurring specialized treatment.

Without volunteer pilots, a lot of patients would find travel by car or lack of financial resources an additional burden in their already challenging health journey.

Volunteer pilots make an immediate and long-term impact on the lives they touch. Your involvement in Angel Flight NE enables you to use your love for flying to save lives.

Pilots volunteer their private aircraft and flight experience on missions of hope to patients across the northeast and U.S.. To learn how to get started or the requirements, please see the FAQ section below.

Help Patients in Need Receive Vital Healthcare. Give Today!

Fly Patients to Life-Saving Medical Care.

Angel Flight NEs mission coordinators are available 24 X 7 to arrange patients flights to medical care that is not readily available to them, either due to their geographic location or due to financial constraints.

Together, we will transform lives. Join Today!

Questions? Contact Us.
Phone: 978-794-6868
Email: pilots@angelflightne.org

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