Take a Moment to Meet Remy ~ Montpelier, VT

Meet Remy, an eleven-year-old young man from Vermont, who has life-threatening food allergies. After meeting with his allergy team in Vermont, they highly recommended he receive treatment from a specialist in Southern California. After his parents realized they must travel nearly 2,4000 miles to ensure Remy receives the specialized care he needs, they immediately worried how would they travel so far for Remy’s specialized treatment.

Thankfully another Angel Flight NE patient heard of Remy’s need and suggested to call Angel Flight NE. Since that first call in 2021, our Mission/Flight Coordination Team has scheduled 14 missions for Remy and his family to travel to and from California on JetBlue, who generously donates unlimited seats on their aircraft. Patients, like Remy, can receive the care he needs to survive.

His mother, Lindsay, shared the following recently: 
“We are so grateful for the medical treatment our child Remy has been able to participate in! Remy was born with severe, life-threatening food allergies, which has dominated his (and our) lives, limiting not just the foods he can eat, but also the experiences he can have. We are close to two years into his five-year treatment, and did have recent excitement in Remy’s treatment! At his last visit, he tolerated enough peanut to eat foods cooked in peanut oil and packaged goods that may have experienced cross-contaminated with peanuts. While eating specific foods has never been our treatment goal, it is exciting to have this step along the way. Our dream is that by the end of the program Remy will be able to be safe around all foods, allowing him to do things like spend a weekend at a friend’s house, travel abroad, and make life decisions that aren’t driven by food allergies. The support of Angel Flight NE and JetBlue has made this life-changing treatment possible for Remy and our family, and we are beyond grateful!”

Our sponsors and foundations, such as Hasbro, along with our long-term partnerships with commercial aviation providers like JetBlue, generously make flights like Remy’s possible.

Remy and his family, like all our patients, remain cherished members of the Angel Flight NE family. Every day, we receive calls for assistance from patients who need support at their most trying of times in their healthcare journeys. Our dedication to our patients goes beyond the flights as we remain always there for our patients as they grow and heal.

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