Meet Randolph Sunglasses and Learn about Their Generous Support

Angel Flight NE is honored to spotlight the incredible support we receive from our community and sponsors, especially from Randolph! Since 2019, Randolph has been an invaluable partner, dedicated to our mission of providing flights of hope and healing.

Founded in 1973 by Polish immigrants Jan Waszkiewicz and Stanley Zaleski, Randolph’s journey began with just $50 and some kitchen utensils in Boston. Over the years, they’ve become synonymous with high-quality, made-in-America craftsmanship, particularly with their renowned line of Aviator-style Sunglasses worn by pilots, veterans, and individuals from all walks of life.

Through their #EngineeredForGood partnership program, Randolph demonstrates their commitment to making a difference. With each pair of sunglasses sold, they donate a portion of the proceeds, supporting 28 flights of hope and healing this year alone. Remarkably, this program has facilitated over 350 Angel Flights, underscoring Randolph’s unwavering compassion and dedication.

Randolph’s craftsmanship and generosity align perfectly with our mission at Angel Flight NE. Their support enables us to continue our vital work, providing essential medical transportation to those in need. We extend our deepest gratitude to Randolph for their extraordinary partnership and unwavering commitment to our cause.

Thank you, Randolph, for your generous support!

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