Meet Rachel ~ Accessing Vital Care with Angel Flight NE’s Support

Meet Rachel, a courageous woman from Maine living with copper deficiency myeloneuropathy. Traveling for treatment isn’t easy due to her condition, but with Angel Flight NE, she’s flown 16 flights to Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

Facing the complexities of her rare disease, Rachel refuses to let it define her. With Angel Flight NE’s support and partners like Cape Air, she accesses vital medical care and treatment, reducing anxiety and ensuring peace of mind. Rachel shared a heartfelt testimonial about her experience with Angel Flight NE and how it has impacted her journey:

“Angel Flight NE has played an integral role in my healthcare journey for the past year. In my unknown world of medical complexity, that my Maine medical providers are perplexed about, I’ve had to travel to Boston on several occasions to see a variety of medical professionals. As a medical incident in September of 2022 rendered me unable to work, I have been unable to financially support these trips. Due to my “complex” medical conditions, I can’t drive more than a half hour. I am a single mother of four adult children, one of whom has a genetic disorder that I am a primary caretaker for. Angel Flight NE has afforded me the ability to see Boston providers, through their air and ground supports, in a convenient way that has reduced the stress and anxiety these medical complexities have placed on my daily life. I sit in an unknown world of a “Copper Deficiency”, “Neuropathy”, “unknown abdominal and pelvic pain”, and a plethora of other symptoms that can only be described to me as “complex” and “not typical”. One thing I CAN count on in my life is knowing that Angel Flight NE always has my back whenever I need them. They have been so supportive, kind and generous in their care in arranging what I need for my Boston appointments. As I continue to fight for answers to my medical problems, I will continue to need Angel Flight NE’s support in getting to the doctors that I hope one day can give me a diagnosis that will help me return to my regular daily life. In the meantime, I have been very lucky to have the generosity of Angel Flight NE’s air and ground support “crew”. Cape Air pilots and services have been reliable and consistent. The “Angels on the Ground” have been compassionate and pleasant. Additionally, the lodging support I have received has been one of the most integral parts of my trips to Boston; I am so grateful for this. In going forward, with several Boston appointments on the books, and a surgery as well, I have no doubt in my mind that I can truly count on Angel Flight NE and it’s staff. Although they may feel like they are just doing their job, Jonathan and Georgie have become true “Angels” to me and my family, I do not know where I would be without them. Thank you Angel Flight NE for all that you do for me, I believe your organization has been the one “saving grace” I, and my children, have needed in my life.”

Rachel’s journey exemplifies the mission of Angel Flight NE, where every patient is a cherished member of the community. We stand ready to support Rachel and others like her in their battle against rare diseases.

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    1. We feel blessed to be part of your healthcare journey and are here for you as long as you need us.

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