Meet Michelle from Maine and Her 2,700+ Mile Healthcare Journey

In the picturesque town of Addison, Maine, a tale of resilience and hope unfolds as Michelle, battling an ultra-rare disorder, finds solace in the wings of Angel Flight New England (AFNE). Last July, she reached out to AFNE, seeking assistance in accessing crucial treatment in Boston for her condition – Pseudotumor cerebri, also known as idiopathic intracranial hypertension (IIH).

Pseudotumor cerebri is a disorder characterized by increased intracranial pressure, posing significant challenges for those afflicted. Michelle’s journey, however, took a brighter turn with the unwavering support of the Alexion Charitable Foundation and Cape Air, two pillars that have helped her and other AFNE patients navigate the path to specialized care.

The flights coordinated by AFNE’s mission/flight coordination team are more than just a means of transportation; they serve as lifelines, supporting Michelle’s ongoing treatment while fostering uplifting connections with the broader AFNE community. The synergy between Angel Flight NE and its supporters creates a network of compassion that transcends the challenges of rare disorders.

Michelle shared the following: “Angel Flight has helped make it possible for me to get medical care that was not an option to me before. I was in a car accident in 2009 and diagnosed in 2010 with pseudotumor ceberi (fake tumor on my brain) so I had all the signs and symptoms of a tumor but no mass that was able to be removed. Come to find out my body produces too much spinal fluid, after multiple surgeries to keep the fluid down, I am now managing the Paine that’s left over. Thanks to Angel Flight I am able to get to Boston for the treatment I need to help reduce the pain I’m in on a daily basis to be able to live a semi-normal life! I am beyond grateful for the time these people donate and the lives they change!  Thank you so much!”

As Michelle’s healthcare journey continues, she expresses profound gratitude for the continued support of AFNE. Her story exemplifies the mission’s essence – providing not only vital medical transportation but also a sense of community, hope, and resilience. Stay tuned for more illuminating stories as Angel Flight NE continues to be the guiding light for those in need.

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