Meet the Miraculous Meredith from New Jersey!

Today, we share the remarkable journey of Meredith, a true fighter whose resilience has inspired us all. Born prematurely at just 29 weeks, Meredith weighed a mere 2 lbs. 12 oz and spent three months in the NICU before finally going home. Despite her fragile start, Meredith’s determination knows no bounds.

In late December 2022, Meredith faced another daunting challenge when she battled the flu and began vomiting blood. Rushed to the local emergency room, she was diagnosed with a rare condition called “Non-Cirrhotic Portal Hypertension” with Esophageal Varices. The gravity of her situation was clear, with the potential for severe complications looming.

When Meredith’s mother, Theresa, reached out to Angel Flight NE for assistance in getting Meredith to Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago, we immediately offered our support. With the invaluable assistance of The Alexion Charitable Foundation and the Brian Goldner Center for Transforming Lives, we swiftly coordinated a flight from Philadelphia to Chicago, ensuring Meredith received the critical surgery she urgently needed. We assured Theresa that whenever Meredith is ready to return home, we stand ready to arrange her flight back.

Meredith, Theresa, and their family have become cherished members of the Angel Flight NE community. Their journey serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of our mission: to provide unwavering support to individuals facing medical challenges. We want them to know that we are here for Meredith whenever she needs our assistance to access the vital care and treatment required to battle her rare disease and continued healthcare crisis. Theresa shared the following:

Angel Flight NE has been such a big help to our family over the last year! When our daughter needed surgery in Chicago over the summer, Angel Flight was so generous and covered the airfare for our family to travel there. During a time when we were dealing with so much stress, this was a big weight to take off our shoulders. A lot of our trip and her surgery was scary and unknown, including when we would return home. But Angel Flight was always there for us when we called, ready to book our next flight. Then when we had a follow up appointment months later, they didn’t hesitate to help us again. We can’t express how helpful it’s been to have them on our journey!

Meredith’s story embodies the spirit of resilience and hope, showcasing the transformative impact of community support. As we continue our mission, her journey will always hold a special place in our hearts, inspiring us to make a difference, one flight at a time.

Meredith’s story is just one example of how we transform lives with the support of our compassionate commercial aviation partners and generous organizations like The Alexion Charitable Foundation and the Brian Goldner Center for Transforming Lives. Your support is also crucial in ensuring that distance is never an obstacle for patients and families in need.

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