✈️ Meet Elizabeth ~ A Warrior Battling Cancer with Angel Flight NE

We are honored to introduce you to Elizabeth from Deer Isle, ME – a courageous warrior currently fighting Stage 3 Rectal Cancer. Her journey with cancer has been filled with challenges, but with the support of Angel Flight NE, she finds comfort and peace of mind in accessing essential medical care.

For Elizabeth, the prospect of a five-hour car ride to Boston for treatment was daunting, both physically and emotionally, following her diagnosis in March 2023. However, discovering Angel Flight NE provided her with a much-needed solution. Now, she can fly from Maine to Boston in a fraction of the time, accessing critical cancer care at Mass General Hospital, including radiation treatments, diagnostic tests, and abdominal surgeries.

These flights have not only reduced the physical strain but have also alleviated the anxiety and uncertainty that often accompany a cancer diagnosis. Elizabeth’s resilience and determination serve as an inspiration to us all at Angel Flight NE as she continues her brave battle against cancer.

Elizabeth shared the following:

“For the last year I have been privileged to fly with Angel Flight NE (with Cape Air as the carrier) from Bar Harbor, ME to Boston, MA for a series of treatments related to stage 3 rectal cancer, which was discovered in March 2023.

I live on an island off the coast of downeast Maine – a five-hour drive from my doctors and hospitals in Boston. The Angel Flight team made it possible for me to fly to diagnostic and assessment tests, radiation treatments, and two abdominal surgeries. Could I have been driven? Yes, probably, but the complicated logistics, emotional toll, and physical discomfort would have made it very hard. Thanks to Angel Flight NE, relief took the place of anxiety.

When I am asked about my Angel Flight NE experience, the first feeling that comes to me is “ease” – not just because I am able to travel long distances to live-saving care more easily, but because the Angel Flight NE team is so easy to work with. As a patient with a serious illness, keeping track of forms and papers and logins and referrals becomes a job I never wanted and consumes energy that would be better directed toward rest and recovery. With Angel Flight NE, I knew that after a quick phone call or email exchange with Georgie or Jonathan, my travel plans would be all set – and if I had to make a last-minute change (or if the coastal Maine weather did not cooperate!), it would be okay. Flexibility and ease are uncommon traits in today’s world – what a gift to find them in the Angel Flight NE team.

I am so grateful to all who help make Angel Flights possible – thank you for carrying me through so many life-changing experiences and for caring for so many souls.”

With the steadfast support of Angel Flight NE, generous donors, and partners like Cape Air and Maine Cancer Foundation, Elizabeth can access the vital medical care and treatment she needs without complications. She remains a cherished member of our community, reminding us daily of the importance of our mission to ensure that distance is never an obstacle in the fight against cancer.

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