Brain Cancer Patient Travels from MA to PA for Clinical Trial

Please take a moment to read about Daniel from Beverly, MA.

When Daniel was diagnosed 5 years ago with a rare form of brain cancer by his medical team at Dana-Farber in Boston, he and his wife not only had to face the diagnosis, but also what options were available to treat Daniel.  After conferring with multiple medical resources, it was recommended Dan apply to participate in a clinical trial being conducted at UPenn which began in February 2022. Not only was the distance from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania daunting, but the travel cost was prohibitive.

Since that first phone call in early 2022, our mission/flight coordination team has scheduled 14 round trip flights for Dan and his wife with the help of our amazing Angel Flight NE volunteer pilots and thru the generosity of our commercial aviation partner – JetBlue.

We are able to support patients like Daniel who have rare and ultra-rare medical diagnoses with a generous grant from the Alexion Charitable Foundation and from support of individuals, like you.

Daniel shared the following:
“Angel Flight NE made it possible for me to receive treatment through a unique clinical trial almost 300 miles away. This amazing organization took away some of the worry and strain of traveling for medical scans and treatment for my cancer.”

His wife, Rachel, also shared :
“Without Angel Flight NE, the challenge of driving all the way to Philadelphia and back each time we had to go, or trying to pay our own way for flights would have been tough to overcome plus it lessened the childcare burden given we weren’t gone as long. Dan didn’t have to miss as much work and usually wasn’t as drained as he would have been by driving from Massachusetts to Pennsylvania and back.

We also got the opportunity to meet caring pilots and talk to the kind Angel Flight NE mission/flight coordinators. We have felt taken care of, and are very grateful for this amazing help. Dan also really enjoys learning about the different planes ~ he has always had an interest in aviation. Though still in treatment, Dan is doing really well, and we’re thankful to all of the doctors and staff who have helped, and of course, the pilots and staff of Angel Flight NE.”

As with all of our patients, Dan and his family forever has a place in our heart and will remain a part of the Angel Flight NE extended family. We assured him that we are here for him as long and as often as he needs our assistance to access the vital care he needs to battle his rare form of brain cancer.

Mission/Flight requests – like his- happen daily and we are privileged to have the opportunity to not only fly but deeply care for all who turn to us for help at difficult times in their lives.  We are here for her for as long and as often as he needs our help and to ensure the best possible outcome. Please keep Daniel and all of our patients in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank You and God Bless You for your support and belief in our healing mission.

With your help, we can ensure that distance is never an obstacle for patients, like Laura and the thousands of others we assist yearly.

Warmest regards,
Fr. Larry & the AFNE Staff

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