Meet Sean~ A Warrior Fighting Through a Cancer Diagnosis

Today, we want to introduce you to Sean, a true fighter from Colton, New York, whose journey with rare metastatic squamous cell throat cancer has been nothing short of remarkable. Despite the challenges he faces, Sean’s determination and resilience shine through.

Since 2023, Sean has embarked on a healing journey, flying an astonishing 20 flights from New York to Boston for infusions at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Each flight with Angel Flight NE has been a lifeline, bridging the distance between his home in Northern NY and the specialized care he needs in Boston. Sean’s unwavering spirit and courage serve as an inspiration to us all.

Facing a rare and aggressive form of cancer presents its own set of challenges, but Sean refuses to let it define him. With the support of Angel Flight NE, Sean can access the vital medical care and treatment he requires to continue his fight against this rare disease. Our dedicated team, along with the generous support of partners like Cape Air, ensures that Sean receives the care he needs, every step of the way.

“We are so thankful to have Angel Flights helping with transportation.  Sean travels from our home in Northern New York to Boston every 2 weeks for what has turned out to be truly life saving treatment.  Unfortunately his cancer (originally diagnosed and treated in 2021) spread to lymph nodes in his chest before it was caught so it is now Stage 4.  He was able to join a clinical trial at Dana Farber Cancer Center in Boston which has stopped his cancer in its tracks!  But the cost of traveling by air was becoming very difficult for us to afford.  Driving takes around 7 hours each way and that long in the car is very uncomfortable for Sean.  We were so relieved to discover that Angel Flights could help.  It has made the process of traveling to his treatments so much more efficient and we are incredibly grateful that our financial outlay has been reduced. The staff at both Angel Flights and Cape Air have been fantastic and have helped make this situation so much more bearable.” -Gwen, Sean’s Wife

Sean has become a cherished member of the Angel Flight NE community, and his journey serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of our mission. We want Sean and his family to know that we are here for them whenever they need our assistance, ensuring that distance is never an obstacle in his battle against metastatic squamous cell throat cancer.

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