AFNE Pilot Flies Same Patient from NH to NYC 17 Years Later

Nancy Messena and Volunteer Pilot

Summertime is always a great time of year to spend extra time with loved ones while creating new memories! Our pilots continue to inspire us by spending their valuable time serving our patients in their time of need .

Flying With Us Since 2011

Please take a moment to meet Nancy from Massena, NY who’s utilized Angel Flight NE since 2011! Since her first flight, we’ve coordinated nearly 20 flights to Dana Farber for Cancer Treatment. With the help of our pilots, we’ve saved Nancy over 200 hours of travel time!

On Nancy’s most recent outbound mission, she flew with Ken A. (pictured above) who’s volunteered for forty flights since he joined in 2018. She was returned safely by Angel Flight NE Volunteer Pilot Steve M. – who had flown her 17 years ago on his first flight!

Steve shared: “Angel Flight #169 – Nashua, NH to Massena, NY.  Exactly 17 years since my first Angel Flight trip. The last time I flew to Massena seemed like “a couple” of years ago. It was 9 years (AF #75) — and the patient was the same!”

Mission/Flight requests – like Nancy’s – happen daily and we are privileged to have the opportunity to not only fly but deeply care for all who turn to us for help at difficult times in their lives. As with all of our patients, we are here for Nancy for as long and as often as he needs our help and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Thank You and God Bless You for your support and belief in our healing mission. With your help and belief in our mission, we are able to ensure that distance is never an obstacle for patients, like Nancy.  

Warmest regards,

Fr. Larry & the AFNE Staff

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