You are our Precious Cargo and our Heroes

YOU, our patients, are the heroes in the brief history of Angel Flight NE. You are the men, women and children who imbue our Angel Flight pilots and "Earth Angels " with the spirit of grassroots volunteerism.

Angel Flight's free air service is available to patients (and your families) like you whose financial resources do not permit you to travel by other means to get needed diagnosis or treatment. We also fly patients and families who are unable to use public transportation because of their medical condition, who need to fly immediately, or who live in remote areas AFNE Patients & Pilotswhere public transportation is not available.

While our patients primarily live in the northeast, we currently provide flights for people throughout the United States. As we are not an air ambulance service patients must be medically stable and ambulatory.

Our patients suffer from a multitude of illnesses and conditions including cancer, life-threatening burns, birth defects, epilepsy, and heart disease, all requiring treatment that is often geographically inaccessible. Approximately 40% of our patients are children, generally suffering from severe burns or cancer.

To fly with AFNE you must be medically stable and ambulatory. We will provide flights as often as you need until you no longer require our service. Emergency flights are reserved for persons who need to visit critically ill or injured family members, for patients needing organ transplants, or for organ donations.


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Angel Flight Northeast's Mission

To arrange free air and ground transportation so children and adults may access life-saving medical care.

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