Adopt-An-Angel-Flight Today

$300 ~ Puts One Angel Flight in the air. We need your help!


With 5,000+ flights a year, we urgently need your help to continue to provide flights free of charge.

In addition to the pilot's enormous generosity in paying their Mission's plane, fuel, and airport costs, it still costs Angel Flight NE approximately $300 to put one Angel Flight mission in the air. 

With 1,000s of patients, covering 9 states, we need your help to get each flight off the ground! 

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Donor Level
 Your donation:  Adopts this 
number of flights
Wings Community  $300
Wings Community  $900  3
Wings Community  $1,800  6
Bronze Halo Society  $2,700  9
Silver Halo Society  $3,600  12
Gold Halo Society  $6,000  20
Platinum Halo Society  $15,000  50

To learn more about the Adopt-an-Angel-Flight program, including donor benefits, call 978-794-6868.