Angel Flight NE Celebrates 20th Year of Service

Proudly coordinating free air transportation for patients to access life-saving medical care


NORTH ANDOVER, MA - May 31, 2016 - Twenty years after the first mission of healing and hope was coordinated and took flight, Angel Flight NE (“AFNE”), a nonprofit that coordinates free air transportation for patients to access critical medical care, is proudly celebrating two decades of providing essential access to healthcare.

“We are extremely proud to be celebrating this meaningful milestone of 20 years of service that has brought so much hope to thousands of patients and families,” said Larry Camerlin, President and Founder of Angel Flight NE. “This journey would not have been possible without the commitment of our volunteer pilots, Earth Angels and the sponsors and supporters who have conveyed such faith and devotion in our mission. We look forward to continuing our mission for many years to come.”


Since Angel Flight NE’s first flight in May of 1996, this nonprofit organization has ensured that distance is never an obstacle for children and adults to access life-saving medical treatment. Angel Flight NE’s milestones over the past 20 years include:

  • Flown more than 66,000 patients and family members.
  • Traveled more than 13 million miles.
  • Delivered canine paw protection booties for search efforts at the World Trade Center following 9/11.
  • Facilitated Disaster Relief Missions to support initiatives in Haiti and New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.
  • Featured on numerous television stations including: WCVB Boston, CBS Evening News, Fox News, Fox25 Boston, CNN's "Headline News", NBC’s "The Today Show", and Boston's ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates.
  • Promoted awareness about AFNE’s services in hundreds of regional and national publications including Atlantic Flyer, Beechcraft, The Business Review and Reader’s Digest.
  • Recipient of National Child Labor Committee's Special Lewis Hine Award.
  • Awarded “The Hero Among Us” by the Boston Celtics and Boston Globe.
  • Named Family Advocate of the Year by Boston Parents Paper.
  • Honored as Community MVP by the New England Patriots Charitable.


Angel Flight NE has many long-term sponsors who support the organization’s mission.

“The difference made by our long-time friends at Angel Flight New England aligns beautifully with Hasbro’s purpose to make the world a better place for children and their families,” said Karen Davis, Senior Vice President of Global Philanthropy & Social Impact, Hasbro, Inc. “Congratulations to the incredible team for 20 years of being an angel to so many families in desperate need of medical care.”

“We congratulate Angel Flight on this milestone and look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come,” said Ronda Ivy McLeod, regional marketing manager, JetBlue. “JetBlue provides flights and other support to Angel Flight. We’re committed to helping Angel Flight provide access to life saving care to those that need it most.”

“Cape Air is proud to support our friends at Angel Flight New England. Their mission to coordinate flights for men, women and children requiring medical care is not only admirable, but well-needed. To be able to play a part in the process to offer a peace of mind, convenience and care for those going through a challenging period in their lives is an honor for us,” said Linda Markham, President of Cape Air & Nantucket Airlines.

“For Morpho Detection, we are always eager to partner with Angel Flight since they provide a crucial service to people who need it most,” said Karen Bomba, President and CEO of Morpho Detection. “Since Morpho Detection serves the aviation industry, teaming up with Angel Flight was a natural choice.”

“More than 15 years ago Angel Flight and Edgewater collaborated to create an interactive website to streamline the mission coordination process," said Shirley Singleton, Edgewater's chairman, president and CEO. "That collaboration has grown into a mutually beneficial partnership, as we continue to innovate together to implement technology that benefits pilots, other volunteers, and, most importantly, patients."

Elizabeth P. Ball. President / Creative Director of TFI Envision, Inc. said, “We are proud to support Angel Flight NE. The work they do 24/7/365 with no cost to the people that so desperately need their services is what inspired us to get involved.”


"glassybaby is honored to partner with Angel Flight NE. Over 65,000 missions is an impressive statistic, but even more impressive is the hope, compassion and respect that they provide to every patient and family member on those missions," said JP Liddle, VP of Partnership Development, glassybaby.


About Angel Flight Northeast


Since 1996, Angel Flight Northeast (AFNE) has helped coordinate air transportation for patients without financial resources to access life-saving medical care outside of their region. The organization is comprised of over 1,000 volunteer private pilots who combine their love of flying with the spirit of grassroots volunteerism by flying patients and their families to the critical health care they need. Air transportation is provided in private aircraft by volunteer pilots as well as through partnership with commercial aviation partners so that children and adults may access lifesaving medical care free of charge. Earth Angels generously donate their time and vehicles to transport patients to and from the airport / medical facilities.


AFNE is also a vital mode of transportation for organs, blood and for patients awaiting organ transplants. The organization also make compassion flights and provide air care wherever there is a compelling human need.


In total, AFNE has flown more than 66,000 patients and companions and coordinated patient missions to 189 different health care facilities in 33 states. To learn more about AFNE’s services, visit









A wonderful piece that was published in the April 2015 edition of the Atlantic Flyer regarding the Angel Snowfest Fundraising Event and those who founded in memory of loved ones who Angel Flight NE assisted.

What would you do if you or a loved one was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that required traveling hundreds or even thousands of miles away for medical treatment?  If you’re like most, the first question you would ask is “How will I get there?”

This is the exact question the Derosier family of St. Agatha, Maine faced when both parents were diagnosed with cancer and the only treatment was located in Boston, MA. Their mother, Carol, required care at Beth Israel while their father, Richard, required care at Brigham & Woman’s.  Travel in a car even in the best of weather could take from 8 to 9 hours one way and not to mention the expense of overnight accommodations. Not only was the Derosier family dealing with heartbreaking diagnoses but now the logistics of travel was just as a big concern.

Click here here to read the complete article.

The Boston Globe featured a wonderful piece regarding Martha's Vineyard Fashion Week.

Click here to read more.

20141030 watchmaker-webThe Watchmaker Holds Watchtoberfest Raffle to Benefit Angel Flight NE

Imagine being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and the only treatment is hundreds or even thousands of miles away? If you’re like most, you start asking yourself a flurry of questions… How will I get there?  Who will take me?  Can I afford to travel this distance? Who can help me?  You don’t know where to turn. Time is of the essence to get the treatment you need as quickly and as often as required.
The Watchmaker, located at 379 Main Street in Stoneham, understands that time matters and for that very reason, they held a raffle during their annual Watchtoberfest event held on Friday October 17th and Saturday, October 18th. The proceeds of the raffle was to benefit the mission of Angel Flight NE, a nonprofit that coordinates free air transportation for thousands of patients every year.  For more than 18 years, Angel Flight NE has been coordinating free flights of healing and hope for patients throughout the Northeastern part of the United States. There is never a fee for Angel Flight NE’s services and they fly patients for as long and as often as they need assistance.

The raffle held during the Watchtoberfest raised more than $1,400 which will assist with putting 5 flights for patients in the air so they can access the medical care they need that is not available to them in their geographic region or they are unable to fly commercially due to financial constraints or health-related issues such as a compromised immune system.

"We were thrilled to work with Angel Flight NE,” said David Kurdzionak, proprietor of The Watchmaker. “Many people that participated in the raffle commented that even if they didn't win they were excited to be helping such a wonderful cause."

Stop by the Watchmaker’s shop at 379 Main Street Stoneham or visit their website ( to see how they are making time for those in need.

Good News Report & 
Forthcoming Events
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Spring 2014

Hello Everyone!

Thankfully Spring finally arrived and summer is right around the corner.

The joyful feeling of Spring's arrival is much like the joy and relief that our patients and family members feel when they ask for Angel Flight NE's help. I can't imagine answering the phone and not being able to help someone when they need us most. It is such a great feeling when a person in need calls and asks what do I have to do to get help from Angel Flight and we respond with two simple words "Just Ask". This is possible because of you and your belief in our mission. Thank you!

We have some wonderful events coming up this year so be sure to mark your calendar and join us. Events include the following:

  • AFNE Pilot Appreciation Fly-In & Safety Day (June 14, 2014)
  • Third Annual Ride for Angels Cycling Event (September 7, 2014)
  • Martha's Vineyard Fashion Week (Week of September 15, 2014)
  • 1st Annual Murder Mystery Benefit (September 20, 2014)
  • 17th Annual Evening of Angels Gala (November 21, 2014)

To learn more about these events, visit our website or call us at (978) 794-6868.

Angel Flight Northeast proudly celebrated its 18th year anniversary on May 31st. Since Angel Flight Northeast's first flight in 1996, our mission coordinators have coordinated more than 65,000 flights and our 1,000+ Volunteer Pilots have flown over 13 million miles providing patients and their families free air transportation to medical care. This would not be possible without our volunteer pilots, earth angels, sponsors and supporters. Thank you!

black-on-yellow-full-logo websiteWe are honored to welcome Breitling, a designer, engineer, manufacturer and distributor of aviation chronometer watches. On May 27, Breitling announced its support of Angel Flight NE's mission with a sponsorship of $100,000. According to Breitling USA President Thierry Prissert, given Breitling’s rich history and deeply rooted ties to aviation, the company’s support of Angel Flight Northeast was a natural fit.

Also, please take a moment to read the Patient Update about Teagan within this newsletter. Her family expresses their thanks to everyone involved with Angel Flight NE.

Requests for our services continue to increase so please consider supporting our mission with a donation or by supporting an event. Every dollar raised makes a direct and meaningful impact to the patients and families we serve.

Together, we can change lives one flight at a time.

Warmest regards and deepest appreciation,

Larry Camerlin
President, Founder & Volunteer Pilot
Angel Flight Northeast




Cape TRACON Golf Tournament ~ Special Thanks


black-on-yellow-full-logo websiteThe First Annual Cape TRACON Golf Tournament held on June 2 at the Pocasset Golf Club was a huge success. The event raised nearly $15,000 to support Angel Flight NE's mission. This would not have been possible without the dedication of the event organizer, Lucas Brotzman and the Cape TRACON Team.  Everyone who was part of the event marveled at how well the event was organized and executed especially given it is in its first year.  Lucas and the team spearheaded every detail of the event down to the "tee".

Special thanks also goes out to the sponsors, event volunteers, the Pocasset Golf Club, and AFNE staff.  Everyone contributed to this event's success in their own way.


A special part of the day was the breitling3 web2Closest to the Pin content sponsored by Breitling.  The winner, Nick from Yarmouthport, was presented with a Breitling EVO Aerospace Watch valued at more than $4,000. He came within 16" of the pin. Cathy and Diane of Roberto Coin, a boutique fine jewelry designer with a location in Mashpee, presented Nick with the watch.


Patient Scrapbook

We cannot thank our pilots enough for their support and for the tiredless time they put in to ensure our patients have access to life-saving medical care.  Here are just a few snapshots of the patients Angel Flight NE volunteer pilots have helped.


Thanks to AFNE Volunteer Pilot Jim Levy for transporting Roisin and her mom from Plattsburgh, NY to Boston so Roisin could receive treatment at Children's Hospital.


"JB" needed to travel from Martinsburgh, PA to Philadelphia, PA for 13061302treatment at a medical facility in Philadelphia. AFNE Pilot Charlie Kreider provided "JB" and her sister, Patricia, free air transportation. Over the past 12 months, AFNE has coordinated nearly 30 flights for "JB".

Thanks again to AFNE Volunteer Pilot Jim Levy pictured here with Lindy who he transported to and from Ithaca, NY and White Plains so she can get treatment at Ostrow Pain Clinic in New York. AFNE has coordinated nearly 45 flights for Lindy.



Arthur reached out to Angel Flight NE for assistance so he could receive treatment at Dana Farber in Boston. Thanks to AFNE Pilots Jim Levy & Joe Luna for providing him transportation to and from Martha's Vineyard to Boston so he could return home and recuperate from his treatment.



 Patient Update - Teagan

If someone was to ask me about Angel Flight NE, my immediate response is I do not consider them an organization, but more like a part of our family. When we learned that the only doctor capable of saving the life of our unborn child was on the other side of the country, we had immediate feelings of despair and uncertainty. What would we do? How would we get there?  

042014 Teagan
From our first contact with Angel Flight NE, they went above and beyond any expectations we could have hoped for and always left us feeling they would do more if we needed them to.  They took Teagan and us under their wing. Every time we had a question or needed their help, their response was kind, caring, courteous, compassionate and understanding.  They selflessly saw that all our needs were taken care of so we could focus on what was of real importance, our daughter's health. Angel Flight NE provided her the ability to fly 3,000 miles to renowned doctors who could provide the specialized care she needed.  We are truly grateful for all that they have done and are overjoyed to be celebrating Teagan’s second birthday this year.  

She is doing very well - a vivacious two year old with lots of energy and she continues to learn something new every day.  She is teaching us that life is all about good people like those at Angel Flight NE and you who made our flight possible. She’ll continue to be monitored by the team in California which can be nerve racking, but knowing that Angel Flight is there to ensure she has access to  the care she needs takes one part of her recovery off our plate. With Angel Flight NE’s help, we can focus on what we need to - Teagan.  

On behalf of Teagan and her family – thank you for supporting Angel Flight NE.
- Mike, Colleen & of course, Teagan


AFNE & PenAir Collaborate to Assist Bridgewater, ME Boy to Receive Life-Saving Bone Marrow

2014 BrothersLisa and Clark Scott’s son, Colby, suddenly became very sick. The illness that he was diagnosed with required extensive treatment at Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center in Boston. Angel Flight NE and PenAir collaborated  to arrange free air transportation not only for Colby and his parents, as well as his brother, Carson. Carson was found to be a perfect match and donated bone marrow which saved Colby's life.

The Bangor Daily News published a feature article on these amazing children and how his parents thank Angel Flight NE and PenAir for making it possible for Colby to receive the treatment he needed to survive. To read the complete article, click here


Angel Flight Northeast connects patients with medical care

Mason Dad docBeechcraft published a wonderful online piece regarding how individuals like Jim Cear, AFNE Chairman & Volunteer Pilot, are making a difference with their time and aviation talents. As Jim Cear takes off in his Beechcraft Bonanza V35B, he’s carrying a precious passenger—Mason, an 8-year-old boy who suffered burns on 87 percent of his body. Mason is traveling with his father from New Jersey to Boston for medical care at Shriners Hospital for Children. His father first called Angel Flight Northeast in 2010, and since then the nonprofit organization has coordinated 94 flights for Mason and his parents, at no cost.

Click here to read the complete article.


Special Thanks to Wheelerville Union Free School!

Thank you so much to Principal Ruberti and the education team and 

plane wheelerstudents at the Wheelerville Union Free School for having Angel Flight NE yesterday as their guest. A special thanks to Emily Yuenger who organized the fundraiser. The students, faculty and members of the community raised $2,700 with coin collection jars that were placed in every classroom, along with 3 community jars placed throughout the town. There was even a major "coin wars" competition between the preK-8th grade classes. The class that earned the most points won a popcorn party. Students brought in their entire piggy bank to donate to the cause.

We are so humbled by this community's efforts.


2014 Angel Snowfest ~ A Big Success!

Thank you so much to everyone who made the Angel Snowfest  at the angel snowfestLakeview Restaurant in St. Agatha, ME in March such a great success!

You are such a compassionate and giving group. Thank you again!


On the Horizon

AFNE Pilot Appreciation
Fly-In & Safety Day

June 14, 2014
New England Air Museum ~
Windsor Locks, CT

4th Annual Ride for Angels Biking Event

September 7, 2014
Lawrence Municipal Airport ~
North Andover, MA


Martha's Vineyard Fashion Week
Week of
September 15, 2014
Martha's Vineyard, MA


Evening of Angels 2014 Gala
November 21, 2014
Seaport Hotel ~ Boston, MA




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