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20141030 watchmaker-webThe Watchmaker Holds Watchtoberfest Raffle to Benefit Angel Flight NE

Imagine being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness and the only treatment is hundreds or even thousands of miles away? If you’re like most, you start asking yourself a flurry of questions… How will I get there?  Who will take me?  Can I afford to travel this distance? Who can help me?  You don’t know where to turn. Time is of the essence to get the treatment you need as quickly and as often as required.
The Watchmaker, located at 379 Main Street in Stoneham, understands that time matters and for that very reason, they held a raffle during their annual Watchtoberfest event held on Friday October 17th and Saturday, October 18th. The proceeds of the raffle was to benefit the mission of Angel Flight NE, a nonprofit that coordinates free air transportation for thousands of patients every year.  For more than 18 years, Angel Flight NE has been coordinating free flights of healing and hope for patients throughout the Northeastern part of the United States. There is never a fee for Angel Flight NE’s services and they fly patients for as long and as often as they need assistance.

The raffle held during the Watchtoberfest raised more than $1,400 which will assist with putting 5 flights for patients in the air so they can access the medical care they need that is not available to them in their geographic region or they are unable to fly commercially due to financial constraints or health-related issues such as a compromised immune system.

"We were thrilled to work with Angel Flight NE,” said David Kurdzionak, proprietor of The Watchmaker. “Many people that participated in the raffle commented that even if they didn't win they were excited to be helping such a wonderful cause."

Stop by the Watchmaker’s shop at 379 Main Street Stoneham or visit their website (http://thewatchmaker.com/) to see how they are making time for those in need.

Angel Flight Northeast's Mission

To arrange free air and ground transportation so children and adults may access life-saving medical care.

Support Angel Flight NE!